Therapy for Adolescents and  Teens

Finding the right therapist for your adolescent or teenager can be tough. You want to find the the right person with the necessary skills to help your child who might be struggling. Finding someone who specializes in adolescents is key as the challenges faced by those aged 14-19 are unique and are not the same for adults. You also want to find someone who has genuine empathy for this vulnerable age group as they can be guarded toward the therapeutic process and require patience and understanding from the therapist.

As a family therapist at my core, working with adolescents and their families has been an integral part of my clinical background. I completed my traineeship at the Loma Linda Behavioral Medicine Center and spent the majority of my time working with adolescents in the intensive outpatient program.




I have experience working with self harm, suicidal thoughts, body image issues, bullying, depression, troubled peer relationships, among many other issues often faced by teenagers. I also have specialized training in dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) which is an evidence-based model for borderline personality disorder and other mood issues. 

Working with me means I will take time to build a relationship with your child and also with you. I bring a family-focused perspective on adolescents and regularly seek the consultation and collaboration of parents and caregivers in order to insure your adolescent is receiving the best care possible. If I feel I am not the right fit for you, I will let you know and will work with you to find another therapist who might be better suited for you and your family.